Apr 28 -


Kids On The Beat: 12th Planet

I was wrapping up my walk, and about to call it a day, when I happened upon skateboard crew 12th Planet. I had never seen or met 12th Planet, but they welcomed me with handshakes all around and loads of positive vibes. I love meeting young people who are on a journey, working hard, and doing what they love. 

You could tell they loved skateboarding, and the camaraderie that comes with it. They gave support to each other when they tried a trick and made sure each other was alright when someone fell. 

Unfortunately the whole 12th Planet crew wasn’t present, and I could only stay for a short while to shoot. But I have a feeling we’ll meet again…Keep on keeping on 12th Planet!

Click on photos to see them full frame and larger.

Some photos from my good friend Eva taken while out and about! Eva rules at life and with a camera. Check her out. http://evadeitch.com/


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